Addiction Free.  Dave Rodan

Addiction Free

By Dave Rodan

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5 Titles will tell you about the most severe compulsions and most devastating habits Book 1: This elaborate a book clarifies the adversities of breaking bad habits, the brain science behind the dopamine-boosted sequence that makes us a slave to our desires, the best ways to face temptation, overcome annihilating habits, and become a tougher person. Learn, among others from these subtopics: Some of the most devastating addictions and the reasons to quit. Tips on breaking a habit by planning, protesting, and fighting temptation. What drugs and dopamine boosts do to our fragile brains. How to stay on the right track and boost your self-confidence and sense of triumph over obstacles. How to study and view patterns of pleasure and reward in the cerebrum. And much more! Book 2: Just in case you are wondering what to do with a porn addiction, you ’re in the best place possible. Pornography has become a massive problem in today ’s society, even though, amazingly, many do not regard it as being problematic whatsoever. With this book, you won ’t be left in the dark. It discloses the sinister nature of pornography, gives you a rapid, dreadful sneak peek behind the production scenes, and sheds light on the argument of the stated addiction. Book 3: Forget former methods you have tried. Forget those nicotine patches or those programs that make you slowly cut down on smoking. No matter how difficult cold turkey is, with the steps in this program, you will wash out the nicotine and stop the cravings. You may be surprised what you will find. This program has been tested and successfully applied to countless individuals, who now feel free and secure. In this book you ’ll find a proven method that will help you to stop smoking for life. Book 4: This book will aid you in your quest to quit drinking by showing the advantage of quitting and by going over the 12-step program from the alcohol anonymous groups across the country and beyond. The program must be applied in an AA group, but this simple e-book will give you some insights and go over it, so you ’ll be a step ahead before you show up there. Find out more about the sad commonness of the drinking issues across the world, the damaging effects on the human body, all the things you ’ll have if you break the habit, and the basics of the 12-step AA Alcoholics Anonymous program. Book 5: The straight-forward guide to understand and begin resolving hoarding problems. Do you know a hoarder or are you one yourself? Then this book is perfect for you. With the help of this information, you can start your road to recovery from hoarding disorder. Solutions, insights, and root causes are all in here. Among others, you will find the following sub-topics addressed: The detailed definition, causes, and consequences of hoarding summarized. Potential home hazards and the main reasons to begin admitting you have a problem. Tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you break the cycle and become clutter-free. How to use psychological techniques, family members, and prescribed medication to get through to a hoarder and the process of denial. Simple steps to take apart the habit one step at a time.

Dave Rodan

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  • February 8, 2019
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