Write Faster.  Jake Ransal

Write Faster

By Jake Ransal

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Learn some of the best tips to write high-quality books in less time. Did you know that writing a book isn ’t that time-consuming? Sure, it depends on how long the book is. It can be as short or long as you want. Providing the readers with some quality as well as quantity is only a matter of knowledge, some hard work, and experience. You can begin writing and gain experience by practicing, but in this audiobook, the author will show you how he was able to write hundreds of short reads that sold surprisingly well and helped him make a full-time income. Some of the books are longer, and others are simple and short, but one thing is for sure: The hard work paid off. It can do the same for you. In this audiobook, you can learn: How to start with ideas. How to overcome writer ’s block and a whole list of ideas for when you get stuck. What readers in fiction genres want and how to give it to them. (Might not be what you think.) Pros and cons of fiction and nonfiction, including potential and market share. Tips and tricks from effective writers. Formatting and editing information. How to use synonyms to your advantage. And much more!

Jake Ransal

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  • Self Publisher
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  • 9788832514469
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  • Published:
  • February 8, 2019
  • Artes de lenguas y disciplinas / General

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