Parenting Styles.  Rene Fisher

Parenting Styles

By Rene Fisher

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Create a happy home by raising your children with love and affection, with kind words and clever parenting styles. The population has been on a decline in many areas in the world. People seem to shy away from parenting altogether. Many factors contribute to this, and in a spirit of research and analytical criticism, the author brings some of these aspects to light. Following this careful examination, a compilation of new knowledge and reminding realities is brought forward by the same author, dealing with some of the most common dilemmas of parenting: How to talk to your children, how to get them to bed and stay there, and whether to be strict or lenient. With these fresh beliefs and keen observations, valuable lessons can be learned, such as: How the average number of children per family is affecting the world economy. How important it is to decide to have a baby and which factors to take into account when you do. Why having children can be a joy and a fulfilling way to live your life. The best ways to give your children compliments without saying the same things over and over again. Insights about a child ’s expectation and his or her attachment to the judgment of a caretaker or parent. The difference between authoritative, authoritarian and permissive parenting styles. How to decide on the best bedtime rituals to put your children to sleep. The best ways to avoid a screaming, tantrum throwing toddler when they get tired. Ideas about exercises, nutrition, and other elements that determine a child ’s health. This book will really take you to the other side of parenting with illustrated examples, funny anecdotes, horrifying mistakes, valuable insights, and wise advice. Don ’t wait and get it now!

Rene Fisher

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  • February 8, 2019
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