Chromotherapy - The power of colors.  Christian Valnet

Chromotherapy - The power of colors

By Christian Valnet

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Colour therapy is an alternative medicine that uses color as a therapy for the treatment of diseases. Chromotherapy has ancient origins, as traditional medicines have always attached great importance to the influence of color on health and state of mind of man. Chromotherapy practices were known since Ancient Egypt: Egyptian mythology assigns to the god Thot the discovery of chromotherapy. According to the Hermetic tradition, both the Egyptians both the Greeks made use of minerals, stones, crystals and ointments colored, in addition to paint the walls of the same places of care. Colour therapy can be applied alone or as a reinforcement of other treatments, being a "catalyst" to achieve natural process of self healing. People who suffer from physical or psychological problems may be associated with profit chromotherapy to any care (allopathic, homeopathic, physiotherapy, reflexology) because it helps the natural elimination of toxins caused by the active ingredients of the products, cleaning and protecting the body. Index Opera: Color Therapy The energy of the colors Color Theory Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Colors and Chakra The Chromo aesthetics Optical unit polychromatic (GOP) The Chromopuncture Chromotherapy massage

Christian Valnet

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