How to draw faces.  Peter Vasher

How to draw faces

By Peter Vasher

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Read about and look at the author ’s steps and methods to make a face look three-dimensional on his flat, white paper. As you will follow along, you will discover that some steps are always the same, which makes it easy, but that there are some delicate ways to make facial features stand out, or to create a beautiful contrast between different facial areas. You will learn, in these 2 books, things like: Words and examples of shading. How to use 2 different pencils to create contrast. Facial features and subtle touches to make a portrait look more realistic. Steps to completing a professional portrait within a time limit. Plenty of images to back up the explanations. How to effectively draw the lines in the right direction. How to indicate the difference between light and dark. Careful considerations when drawing eyes, noses, and teeth. Shadow effects, highlighting and identifying different areas, and knowing which pencil to use for which. Clever ways to typify a character without taking away from the realism of the portrait. And much more!

Peter Vasher

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  • February 8, 2019
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