Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope.  Anette Christensen

Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope

By Anette Christensen

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Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope: My Life-transforming Encounter, is a history lesson, a touching tribute, and a triumphant memoir all in one. It chronicles Sosas spiritual, political and artistic journey and paints a portrait that incorporates the colors of despair, triumph, love, fear, and all the other human emotions that define a life--in this case, the life of one of the greatest contemporary artistic revolutionaries in Latin America. If you like courageous women and untold stories of heroism, solidarity and compassion, then you’ll love this powerful biography. It will touch the fibers of your soul. Endorsements: "In this work, you will find a new and touching perspective on our beloved Mercedes. It is a heartfelt and affectionate tribute honoring the life of my mother”. - Fabián Matus, son of Mercedes Sosa and president of the Mercedes Sosa Foundation. "Christensen writes in the present-tense, which gives it an immediacy thats not only powerful and gripping, but it helps to bring this remarkable woman to life. The writing itself is clear, unpretentious and often eloquent, much like Sosas music. There are times when the authors voice and creativity blends with the material, which is often the case in good historical writing. Its impossible for a biographer to know for sure what a subject is thinking, for example, but in using good research together with a well-honed instinct and empathy, delivering those thoughts to the reader can be a transcendent as well as informative experience. Christensen manages this beautifully. This is a beautiful book, and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. The fact that English is a second language for the author is remarkable, in and of itself."  - Charles Musser, film historian, documentary maker, author and professor of Film and Media Studies. “The Author’s profound connection with Mercedes Sosa and subsequent transformation is a testament of the restoring impact of positive connections. The author does more than just entertain the reader or spark the readers interest. She spreads hope and knowledge.” - Pauline Skeates, Therapist, Director of Insight-International and Developer of Insight Focused Therapy, New Zealand. "Upon discovering the Argentine singer, Mercedes Sosa, Danish author, Anette Christensen, has developed a complex therapeutic guide that changed her life and helped her overcome her own illness and emotional traumas. It is a therapy based on the magic that music and mindfulness has to heal the soul in general. In this case it was The Voice of Latin America, Mercedes Sosa, who inspired the author to write this book, which is  a useful, necessary and applicable roadmap to recovery for anyone who struggles with a painful past, stress and chronic disabilities. "  – Laura Granados, Singer, songwriter, Spain. About the Author Over almost 10 years Christensen undertook more than 7000 hours of research. This included watching documentaries, reading articles, listening to songs and communicating with Sosa’s family and friends and others who met her in person. Today she is a recognized Mercedes Sosa ambassador throughout the world.

Anette Christensen

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  • December 30, 2018
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