The Teachings of Zoroaster.  Shaporji Aspaniarji Kapadia

The Teachings of Zoroaster

By Shaporji Aspaniarji Kapadia

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**** PREMIUM EBOOK WITH BEAUTIFUL LAYOUT **** ZOROASTRIANISM is a religion much commented upon by a few enthusiastic oriental scholars, and less understood by the general public. Out of the millions of believers of this faith in the bygone ages, there now remains a handful of devout followers, known as the Parsis. I have, therefore, ventured to put before my readers a brief sketch of the teachings of this divine prophet. I hope, that the strangers to the faith may find in it food for philosophic enlightenment, and the Zoroastrians themselves a subject for deeper and wider researches in the untold wealth of sublime theology and philosophy, now looked up in the monumental tomes of the ancient Avesta writings.

Shaporji Aspaniarji Kapadia

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  • March 14, 2019
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