The Secret of the Sea.  Marco La Mesa

The Secret of the Sea

By Marco La Mesa

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I believe that the most of you consider me very lucky because of my job. In nearly eighteen years, it has given me the opportunity to travel throughout the world, to meet new people, and to know different cultures. This is perhaps the idea that one has of us, seamen, especially for those who like me are working on board of cruise ships. In reality, there is nothing more incorrect than this. The idea of writing this book was put in place about three months ago, during my last contract before the holidays, when I spoke during a dinner with some of my colleagues on board regarding the old times passed. Since then many things have changed. Today there is a new regulation related to working hours, the duration of the holidays between one contract and another, but above all, there is for sure much more respect for every single person than in the past. The cruise ships for me have been a sort of springboard for my life; they have given me the opportunity to better know myself and to temper my character.

Marco La Mesa

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