Young Men, Young Love.  Douglas Mayweather

Young Men, Young Love

By Douglas Mayweather

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DESCRIPTION: Some men realize early on that they are attracted to other men, but some have to be cajoled, or seduced, or even tricked into bed before they find that male/male sex is what is right for them. But once they do they may become insatiable, wanting to fuck whoever they can, or they may find that they are devoted to just one cock. Here I present seven stories of love or lust between those young men who are experiencing man sex for the first time. EXCERPT: & ldquo;Come here a minute, & rdquo; Ryan said in a low and somehow different voice. Maybe because he & rsquo;d said & lsquo;a minute & rsquo;, maybe that had made it different, innocent, but Toby took the four steps to Ryan. Ryan reached out one hand and cupped it under Toby & rsquo;s balls, lifting them. At the same time, with one swift movement, he bent forward and slurped Toby & rsquo;s still mostly soft cock into his mouth. Toby & rsquo;s initial reaction was to jump back, but Ryan wrapped one muscular arm around Toby & rsquo;s thighs, holding him where he stood. Without his permission, his cock rapidly grew long and hard. He & rsquo;d had no say in the matter. Ryan moved his head back and forth the length of Toby & rsquo;s cock, making a slurping sound that seemed to ricochet off the walls of the locker room. Toby put a hand on Ryan & rsquo;s shoulder to steady himself. His knees had almost given way. Regaining his senses he tried to pull away, but only succeeded in getting his cock free from Ryan & rsquo;s mouth. It hit Ryan & rsquo;s face, and he kissed it. & ldquo;Somebody & hellip; & rdquo; was all he could choke out. Ryan looked up at him, his cock still pressed against the side of Ryan & rsquo;s nose. & ldquo;No, it & rsquo;s okay. Everybody & rsquo;s gone. I lock up. Nobody & rsquo;s here. & rdquo; He moved his head so the cock was free and stuck out his tongue and licked it. & ldquo;Doesn & rsquo;t that feel good? Don & rsquo;t you like that? Sure you do. & rdquo; & ldquo;I, I, I don & rsquo;t know, & rdquo; Toby stammered. & ldquo;You don & rsquo;t know if it feels good? & rdquo; & ldquo;Yeah. I mean yeah, it feels good, but & hellip; & rdquo; & ldquo;But what, buddy? It feels good, so you like it. I know I do. You & rsquo;ve got a nice cock, attached to a nice body, and I like sucking it. So what & rsquo;s not to like? & rdquo; & ldquo;But & hellip; & rdquo; and Toby couldn & rsquo;t think what more to say. & ldquo;So if it feels good, & rdquo; and he licked his tongue up Toby & rsquo;s cock from bottom to top, & ldquo;and you like it, why not tell me to suck it some more? & rdquo; Toby didn & rsquo;t say anything, but his damn cock jerked against Ryan & rsquo;s face. & ldquo;No, you don & rsquo;t have to tell me. I & rsquo;ll do it anyhow. Come here, do this. & rdquo; He & rsquo;d removed his arm from holding Toby & rsquo;s legs and leaned back, letting Toby stand free. Toby didn & rsquo;t move. Ryan scooted a foot down the bench and threw one foot over to the other side so he was sitting straddling the bench. He lay back and lifted his head so he was looking at Toby. & ldquo;Stand over me, you know, with one foot on either side of the bench. Yeah, like that, but move up a little farther. No, a little more, so you & rsquo;re standing over my waist. Yeah, that & rsquo;s about right. & rdquo; Without saying a word, Toby had done exactly as Ryan had instructed him. Whether it was curiosity or desire leading him, who could say? Certainly, nothing remotely like this had ever happened to him before. He was in new, unexplored territory. & ldquo;Now, bend down, grab hold of the bench above my head, put your cock in my mouth, and fuck my face like it was your favorite girl & rsquo;s pussy. Fuck it until you fill my mouth with your hot cum. & rdquo;

Douglas Mayweather

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  • Published:
  • March 22, 2019
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