Yes Mistress: Becoming My Sisters Perfect Sub.  Anna Rose

Yes Mistress: Becoming My Sisters Perfect Sub

By Anna Rose

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DESCRIPTION: Smoking hot dominatrix Ali has been watching her sexy little sister Sophie grow into a beautiful woman and has been slowly crafting a plan to seduce her. She convinces Sophie to play a game that ultimately turns her into the perfect submissive and Ali 's source of ultimate pleasure. The question is, how far will Ali go to make Sophie obey her? Will Sophie get the sweet release she 's craving? EXCERPT: & lsquo;Do you know how long I ’ve wanted to touch you? ’ She asked. & lsquo;No. ’ I replied, breathless as she stood only a centimetre from me, tucking my hair behind my ear and gazing down at me like I was a masterpiece and she a critic, dissecting and appreciating every aspect of my being. The sensation of being under her powerful, intelligent gaze was so erotic I could barely breathe, drawing my lip between my teeth as wild nervous energy ricochetted under my skin. I wanted her, no, I needed her, but I was afraid of what I would have to do to get her. & lsquo;I ’ve been waiting for years, watching you grow up and become so beautiful, so sexy I could hardly bare it. ’ She revealed. I was freshly eighteen, legally allowed to have sex with other consenting adults. But did that count my sister? It didn ’t matter, no one needed to know what went on behind closed curtains. Love lay at the core of it, love and desire, a desire for each other, for the taboo, the dangerous, the unknown. Every nerve in my body was alive and firing as I waited for what would come next. & lsquo;I know you ’ve thought about me that way too. I ’ve seen you watching me, when I ’m in my gym gear or my swimmers, or when I ’m getting changed. I know you want me. ’ She said. Oh god, I thought as she dropped the towel and held me by my waist, watching my pretty little face gaze up at her. I was beautifully innocent to Ali, and though I was not a virgin I had only known the world of vanilla first-time high school fumbling, and those had left me desperate for someone experienced. Someone who knew just what they wanted and how to get it. Someone like Ali. & lsquo;It ’s true, I ’ve always admired you. ’ I replied. & lsquo;Well if you want me you can have me, but we have to play a game. You ’re a sexy young woman now but I know you better than you know yourself, and I know you ’ll just love being my ultimate submissive. ’ She explained. It was true; I had been her little follower all her life, she had never known me as anything but a submissive, and that was why when she saw the flash of a challenge on my face she felt herself begin to ache between her thighs. & lsquo;I don ’t know, can ’t we just & hellip; ’ I trailed off, leaning up to brush my lips across hers, tasting the remains of her cherry lipstick and feeling a thrill pass through me as I kissed something I was never meant to. She let me do it, giving me a small taste of what was to come, and then she shook her head. & lsquo;If you want it, we do it my way. ’ She said. I did want it. I wanted it so badly I felt like dropping to my knees and begging for it. She was dangerously addictive and I was falling under her spell so fast I barely noticed how intoxicated by her I was becoming. & lsquo;Okay, I ’ll play your game. ’ I said. & lsquo;Good. But once we start there ’s no way to stop until I say the game is over. Do you understand? ’ She asked. I felt my chest tighten and my mouth dry out and I nodded. I wasn 't ready for what came next.

Anna Rose

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9780463387832
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  • Published:
  • March 23, 2019
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