Used and Abused in the Asylum.  Kristine Lichtlider

Used and Abused in the Asylum

By Kristine Lichtlider

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DESCRIPTION: Woe to any girl enrolled in Dr. Stern & #39;s treatment plan, because they will be subjected to strict restraint, gags, enemas, and humiliating therapies all in the name of a cure. When lawyer Erin Wells tries to set her sister free in the courtroom, she is diagnosed as mentally incompetent and committed to the program as well. Bondage, sex, torture, forced bestiality, and lesbian sex are all on the agenda in this steaming hot sequel. EXCERPT: & ldquo;Dr. Stern, & rdquo; the Judge said & ldquo;it seems you have an answer for everything. I am not a psychiatrist, it & rsquo;s true, but- & ldquo; She was interrupted by a beeping noise. The Judge looked about in irritation and Dr. Stern quickly took out her own cell phone. & ldquo;I & rsquo;m sorry, your honor, & rdquo; she said & ldquo;but that alarm means it & rsquo;s time for Miss Wells & rsquo;s treatment. Would it be alright if I administered it here in the courtroom, so as not to waste more of your honor & rsquo;s time? & rdquo; & ldquo;Proceed, & rdquo; Judge Nakamura said. As Dr. Stern walked back toward the waiting, restrained Caitlyn & mdash;Erin assumed it was to give her some sort of pill & mdash;she argued with the judge. & ldquo;Your honor, & rdquo; Erin said, desperation creeping into her tone & ldquo;you cannot allow this & hellip;this farce to go on any longer! It & rsquo;s obviously not on the up and up! & rdquo; & ldquo;Counselor, & rdquo; the judge said & ldquo;I would no more want to give medical advice to Dr. Stern any more than I would want, say, an auto mechanic to give me legal advice. & rdquo; Erin glanced back at her sister, and her mouth fell open in shock. Standing next to Caitlyn, Dr. Stern had put on latex rubber gloves, and was now holding a massive black vibrating dildo. & ldquo;YOUR HONOR! & rdquo; Erin shouted, pointing at the spectacle. & ldquo;She & rsquo;s about to assault my sister in front of God and everyone! & rdquo; & ldquo;Explain yourself, counselor, & rdquo; the Judge said sternly. & ldquo;Of course, your honor, & rdquo; Dr. Stern said with a confident smile. & ldquo;As I mentioned previously, Miss Wells needs sexual stimulation on a regular basis if she is to have any hope of rejoining society. Her treatment simply cannot wait any longer. & rdquo; & ldquo;No way am I going to let you stick that thing in my sister! & rdquo; Erin said, stalking toward the doctor. She got three feet before the bailiff seized her by the arms, holding her fast. & ldquo;Do not interfere with the treatment, Counselor, & rdquo; the Judge snapped. & ldquo;Do you want to be found in contempt of this court? & rdquo; & ldquo;I have nothing BUT contempt for this court! & rdquo; Erin shouted, struggling fiercely. & ldquo;Counselor, that is quite enough! & rdquo; The Judge said. & ldquo;One more word, one more attempt to interfere with your sister & rsquo;s treatment and you will be cooling your heels in a jail cell over the weekend. & rdquo;

Kristine Lichtlider

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • Published:
  • March 26, 2019
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