Yoga, Slimming sessions and exercises.  Giancarlo Rossini

Yoga, Slimming sessions and exercises

By Giancarlo Rossini

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I divided the exercises into three main groups: 1 Heating exercises 2 Four sequences and eight single exercises aimed at general weight loss 3 Eighteen exercises dedicated to the treatment of localized imperfections (abdomen, buttocks, legs, hips and waistline). The program of each single basic session consists of: * Always in the first phase which is that of heating. * Choice of two complete sequences of movements for at least twice a week. * Choice of two exercises for general weight loss to be carried out below and after completion of the sequences previously chosen. * Choice of two exercises for localized weight loss to be performed later and after the completion of general weight loss exercises. To have positive effects it is good to repeat this session for at least twice a week. In the case of an increase in the number of sessions, I advise you to do it gradually. & nbsp;

Giancarlo Rossini

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