The Empire of Alexander the Great.  John Mahaffy

The Empire of Alexander the Great

By Florian Drevs , John Mahaffy

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Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as & nbsp;Alexander the Great, was a king ( basileus ) of the & nbsp;ancient Greek & nbsp;kingdom of & nbsp;Macedon and a member of the & nbsp;Argead dynasty. He was born in & nbsp;Pella & nbsp;in 356 BC and succeeded his father & nbsp;Philip II & nbsp;to the throne at the age of 20. He spent most of his ruling years on an unprecedented & nbsp;military campaign & nbsp;through Asia and northeast Africa, and by the age of thirty he had created one of the & nbsp;largest empires & nbsp;of the ancient world, stretching from & nbsp;Greece & nbsp;to northwestern & nbsp;India.He was undefeated in battle and is widely considered one of history & #39;s most successful military commanders.

John Mahaffy

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