Agile Entrepreneurship: How to Start your Business Project.  Rafael Morales

Agile Entrepreneurship: How to Start your Business Project

By Rafael Morales

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When launching a business project, it is difficult to decide how to start: looking for fundings, designing the product, outlining the marketing plan? An entrepreneur has a limited set of resources and projects must be well selected to ensure maximum profitability and probability of success. The solution comes from a tool called "The Business Case ", a brief document that outlines, in a little more than one or two pages, the rationale for investing in a particular idea. In the hands of a CEO, it is a powerful tool for making decisions, and in the hands of an entrepreneur, a help to keep the project on track during its development and resolve any doubts that may arise. In this workbook you will learn: * How to define the premise that justifies the investment in time, money and effort. * How to structure your business project in phases to reduce risk. * How to make sure you don 't forget an important aspect of your market analysis. * How to look for intangible benefits that can reinforce the investment decision. * How to evaluate your past experience to find helpful resources. Rafael Morales has been a trainer in corporate governance and professional applications of information technologies since the mid-1990s. He has taught hundreds of courses and seminars on business start-ups and project management, as well as publishing numerous books that stand out for their straightforward and easy to understand style and the practical examples included. If you want to launch your entrepreneurial project, start by applying the techniques you will find in this manual and you will be up and running in less than a week.

Rafael Morales

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  • April 19, 2019
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