The Family Mansion No.2.  Charlie Flemming

The Family Mansion No.2

By Martina Frey , Charlie Flemming

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DESCRIPTION: Nate 's mother, Liz, has doubts about the lingerie modeling. So she convinces the family maid, Brianna, to come back and help keep everyone in line. Rules are made, then broken, and everyone ends up in bed together. EXCERPT: "Okay, well, let ’s start this session. " Mom ordered. "Cool, " Brooke said, she was aching to start, "Well, I figure we ’ll do it like this, Nathan, sit in the front row, and Mom, you go ahead and sit on the teachers desk but spread your legs like you ’re showing off your underwear to a misbehaving student. " They got in their positions, Liz sat on the desk and spread her legs, showing off her white, thong panties. Nathan could hardly believe his eyes, his mom was so fucking sexy. Seeing her like this he felt his cock start to twitch again. He groaned, loudly. Brooke laughed, "oh wow, maybe we should skip ahead so Nathan can get a little relief, huh, Mom? " Liz had heard her son groan, feeling that meant that he must be in pain, she had already stepped down from the desk, "oh god, baby, I ’m sorry for telling you not to be naked, I can tell you ’re in pain. Please, stand up so mommy can help you. " Nathan didn ’t have to be told twice. He stood and threw his short off and stepped out of his drawers faster than Brooke could snap another picture. Being that he was a step above his mom, and being so tall, his dick stuck out so it was almost level with his mother ’s mouth. Liz noticed this too and licked her lips, but she knew she couldn ’t break her own rules after just making them. So she instead grabbed his shaft with both hands and started stroking them in steady strokes. She looked up into her son ’s face, "Oh God Nathan, I just love your huge cock. I hope you have a great big load for you to cover your mommy with. Please let it out all over me, I need this just as badly as you do. Cum for your mother! " Liz had hardly touched him but he hadn ’t cum since yesterday and the blowjob from before left him feeling like he was about to cum at any moment anyway, his mom ’s touch and he sexy words just pushed him over the edge. He moaned loudly and started to cum, the first blast his his mom square in the face, and stretch down over her eye, which she closed just in time, nose, with a large amount winding up in her open mouth. He continued to cum, he was backed up since that morning, and it was all coming out now, it flew over her face and neck, over her dress and chest, and there was a lot still dripping down her chest, over her boobs and falling down onto the tiled floor. She looked down at herself, and was suddenly overcome with so much lust she fell to the floor. "Oh my fucking god! " She screamed as she started literally ripping off her dress, it was ruined now anyway, "It ’s so much cum! " She threw the dress aside, smearing more cum along the floor with it, and she took her tits out of her bra so she could start licking her son ’s cum off of her breasts and nipples, she yelled, "Brooke, help clean me. " at her daughter.

Charlie Flemming

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788832589009
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • April 25, 2019
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  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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