The Family Mansion.  Charlie Flemming

The Family Mansion

By Martina Frey , Charlie Flemming

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DESCRIPTION: Includes books 1 through 4 of the Family Mansion series. Nate Slope and his hot mother with his horny sisters are trying to find a way to keep the mansion they grew up in. Maybe they can sell lingerie on his amazing sister & #39;s website. Watch as this slow burn lingerie modeling surely leads into something really hot! EXCERPT: Erika saw Nathan when he came in and noticed her sisters staring at the giant bulge in his shorts. She got immediately jealous and got up from the table and stomped over to Nathan, & ldquo;Oh, nice boner, Nathan, & rdquo; she said using the tone she normally used when she was making fun of him, & ldquo;I guess you & rsquo;re just going to wait for me to leave again in order to use it on Lexi again right? & rdquo; Nathan was shocked by this but he sighed, he knew Erika was just being herself again, & ldquo;What is your problem, sis? & rdquo; he asked, getting a little angry with her, & ldquo;You know I & rsquo;m doing this so we can keep the house. & rdquo; & ldquo;Oh really, that & rsquo;s the only reason? & rdquo; Erika said, & ldquo;Just admit it Nathan, you love Lexi and Brooke and you HATE ME! & rdquo; Erika was so angry she felt like she could slap someone at any moment. Erika & rsquo;s anger was enough to really piss Nathan off. & ldquo;You little cunt! & rdquo; He said as he suddenly grabbed her by the hair. Erika screamed, not sure what was going on. Lexi was equally shocked but she & rsquo;d seen Nathan this way a couple of times now, the last time was right before he roughly fucked her through multiple orgasms. She was getting really turned on watching her brother manhandle their little sister. Brooke had been turned on since before she got out of bed that morning. She just smiled at this as she played with her pussy under the table. Nathan took Erika and propped her up on the table in front of his chair, he pushed her cheerleader skirt up, exposing her bare pussy, & ldquo;No panties Erika, & rdquo; he laughed, feeling powerful, & ldquo;even when you & rsquo;re going to cheerleading practice? & rdquo; Erika was starting to get really turned on as Nathan pulled her hair as he stared at her bald cunt, & ldquo;I have a pair in my pocket, ahem, & rdquo; she explained, doing her best and failing to hide her horniness from her brother, & ldquo;I put them on at school. & rdquo; & ldquo;Not today, & rdquo; Nate said as he fished her panties out of the small pocket in the side of her outfit, he tossed them on the floor. & ldquo;Now, time for my breakfast. & rdquo; He said before sitting in his chair, pulling it up to the table and then diving his tongue into his little sister & rsquo;s waiting cunt. She was already wet. Erika felt she & rsquo;d been wet all morning actually. & ldquo;Oh my god that feels so good! & rdquo; Erika shouted as her brother ate her sopping wet cunt. She tried to hold back but could already feeling her orgasm approaching, & ldquo;Oh god, don & rsquo;t stop Nate! & rdquo; She yelled.

Charlie Flemming

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • Published:
  • April 25, 2019
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