The Duke's Mother.  Ona Dare

The Duke's Mother

By Ona Dare

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DESCRIPTION: Lord Rothmoor, as heir apparent, spent the days of his teen years fantasizing about his mother...after watching her surreptitiously as she had sex with his father and other paramours. Now his father was dead and he was the new Duke of Rothmoor. And he would damn well have his mother now that he had power over her. His life was just beginning in so many ways. EXCERPT: This wasn ’t going to be a gentle coupling, oh no. It was going to be savage and punishing after all the times he had watched while other men, including his father, had taken their pleasure between her milky thighs. Almost ripping her legs apart, he began touching and stroking every part of her femininity, waiting for her to get wet. When she was, he thrust three fingers inside of her excited cunt, fucking her fast and hard. He could hear her whimper and knew she was in pain. Pushing her legs up toward her chest, he indulged in licking and sucking her pink little star until she was no longer moaning. He tongued her deeply and the taste of her drove him to the brink of an unbidden climax. Salivating and making her wet, he shoved his hard cock inside her bottom and watched her face for distress. And there it was, the look of pain so pleasurable she was unmoving and waiting for more. "You like this, Mother? Did you ever think your son would have a cock so large that it would painfully stretch you beyond your limits? God ’s teeth, you are so fucking tight and hot. Your cunny is drenched and asking for more. And to think it is here for my pleasure any time of the day or night. I am indeed a lucky Duke, am I not? Answer me! " "You are exceptionally fortunate, my son. " Alton pulled out of her rectum and began sliding the head of his cock along her silky flesh, over her clit and back down to the opening of her feminine fortress. "Darling, no! It is not done! You must clean yourself first! " "Not today, Mother, dearest. Not today, " he said as he shoved inside her with such force that her body slid up toward the headboard of the bed. "I will do this often. Do what you must to keep yourself clean in that regard. No place on or in your body is off limits to me no matter what the reason, understood? " "Yes, Master. "

Ona Dare

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  • Published:
  • April 27, 2019
  • Romance
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