Uprooted.  Aurelio Porfiri Aldo Maria Valli


By Aníbal Sierralta , Aurelio Porfiri Aldo Maria Valli

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In the Catholic Church it is time for great divisions, divisions on important themes and of great impact for the faithful and also for those who do not profess Catholics. Here is a book that carries on the dialogues on some of the most important nodes behind these divisions, a passionate and suffered book, written by Aldo Maria Valli, well known Vaticanist and Aurelio Porfiri, church musician and writer (and translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino for the English speaking audiences). Both engaged in intense journalistic activity, have condensed hours of discussions, meditations and reflections against the current narrative. Aldo Maria Valli, journalist and writer, has been a vaticanist for years. In his blog Duc in altum (among the most popular and authoritative) has long been committed to the defense of Catholic tradition, the right doctrine and correct liturgy. For Chorabooks he has already published Uno sguardo nella notte, Sradicati (with Aurelio Porfiri) and Claustrofobia. Aurelio Porfiri is a composer, choirmaster, writer and teacher living between Rome and Hong Kong. He has published more than 30 books and more than 700 articles. His musical works are published in France, Italy, Germany, the United States and China. Table of contents Preface. We are Cradle Catholics. Our Youth in the Post-Conciliar Church. When We Changed. Traditionalists?. The Issue of Obedience. The Church of Mercy. Divisions In The Church. Catholics, But & hellip;.. The Issue of The Family. The Catholic Church and Homosexuality. Priests in Crisis. Poor Liturgy. The Role of Social Media. To Speak & hellip;Despite Our Imperfections. Will We Die As Catholics?.

Aurelio Porfiri Aldo Maria Valli

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