Values In Academic Education.  Miroslav Gejdoš

Values In Academic Education

By Katarzyna Bochen Sska, Miroslav Gejdoš

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Values represent an essential part of our life, constitute a serious motivation and often disincentives and purpose of our existence. Human being can not live without values. Therefore experts of almost all socio-scientific disciplines deal with them. The concept of value is derived from the Greek concept Timea (price, value) or a Latin concept Axia Valor (price, value). In general terms the value is perceived as an interdisciplinary concept (is examined from several aspects of different disciplines). Value is among the central concepts of axiology (the youngest philosophical discipline), sociology, ecology, psychology and other disciplines. Today we distinguish between the values of ethical, environmental, economic, legal, religious spheres or according to other criteria values are cultural, or natural material. It is expected that in the future the system will be developed and a variety of other new values will grow although the ancient Greeks before Socrates distinguished only values positive and negative (Brožík, 2007). The science of value - axiology, as the preferred value of the truest man, a person ’s life. Broadly speaking, the value is defined as a specific characteristic of all natural and social phenomena, which reflects their positive or negative significance for humans (Boros, 1996). When we talk about values, we mean either everything that brings us satisfaction or values in the narrow sense, as fundamental cultural categories that correspond to human needs, particularly ethical and aesthetic.

Miroslav Gejdoš

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