Loving Families.  Mo Beevir

Loving Families

By Mo Beevir

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DESCRIPTION: A collection of seven stories from author Mo Beevir, author of the Arkansas Family Reunion, Sexually Adventurous, and other books and stories of incestuous life. A jock gets it on with his twin sister and his mother, a family vacation in Florida ends in family fucking, there 's one of those "letters " to a men 's magazine, and much, much more. EXCERPT: Charlene climbed onto the bed and got between her son 's legs. Leaning forward, she began to lick his cock. It was soft, but substantial. She wondered where he got it from. His father had barely been average in the equipment department. She wondered if it was from her side of the family. She could remember a lot of noise coming from her parents ' room when she was a teenager, and her mother had always seemed ridiculously happy in the morning. Well, she 'd known they were fucking in there. She used to lie in bed listening while she worked the handle of a hairbrush in her cunt. She glanced up. Natalie was looking very happy. Charlene could see Bill 's tongue as it flicked against his sister 's clit, or probed deeper into her wet pussy. He must be enjoying it, too, she thought, because his cock was getting nice and hard again. She slipped the thick rod between her lips and began to suck. Natalie shuddered and ground her snatch against her brother 's face. He redoubled his tonguing, his hands pushing up against her ass to keep her from smothering him as she started to cum. The sweet juices were flowing freely from her molten snatch and he sucked them eagerly. Charlene lifted her head an examined her son 's prick. It was fucking huge and her sucking had it hard as steel. Dick of steel, she thought. Dick Steel. Good porn name, but she figured it was probably already taken. She lifted herself up onto her hands and knees and crawled up his body. With a happy sigh, she lowered her snatch onto her son 's cock. Much bigger than his father, she decided. It filled her and then some, stretching her cunt as she pushed down onto the rigid shaft. Natalie looked at her curiously. The girl was between cums and more than a little surprised to see her mother fucking her brother. Not tht she blamed her. If she 'd had sex with a man since their dad died, she wasn 't aware of it. Still. "Mom, " she said, "didn 't you say something about we shouldn 't fuck? " "I said you shouldn 't fuck your brother, " Charlene said. "I had my tubes tied a long, long time ago. Not a chance in the world of me getting knocked up. " "I wish I could do that. Fuck him, I mean. " "Well, you can 't. Unless you want him to fuck you in the ass? I think that would be okay. " Natalie shook her head. "I don 't, " she said. She enjoyed sticking things up her cunt. But she 'd tried a finger in her ass once and that was uncomfortable. She couldn 't imagine what something the size of Bill 's cock would feel like, but she had a feeling it would probably hurt. Just then, she didn 't care. She could feel another orgasm building as her twin brother continued to lick her clit. Charlene was pumping away cowgirl style. It was getting her off just watching Natalie as she came again. The girl 's boobs were bigger than hers, but seemed just as firm. She watched them thrusting forward and back as her daughter arched her back. The nipples were pink, and still has that adolescent puffiness, though Natalie was clearly an adult.

Mo Beevir

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834109304
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • May 12, 2019
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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