Reunion.  Damien Sol


By Damien Sol

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DESCRIPTION: A fire lite one night brigs Dean Richmond 's father and step-mother to his doorstep. Unspoken words long held in secrecy pour forth on day at the woman that invaded his mother 's home. An unexpected gift greets him, a face he never that he would see again, handed to him by his half-sister. Little did he know it was he that she had chosen to give her virginity. EXCERPT: "Dean, " Anna said as she stood in the doorway to his bedroom. Nodding in approval of the orderly state of the room. "I was wondering...if you don 't mind if I did the shopping, seeing how you live like a single man normally does, " she said smiling warmly at him. "Fine, " Dean sighed tilting his head back, praying to whomever was listening for strength to survive this ordeal. "Now, let me have a look at you, " Anna said, as his briefcase slid off his desk. Her hands running along his shoulders, down his arms noting how he had filled out since he moved out. Pulling him in for a hug, her hands running down his back, frowning when his arms remained at his side. Watching him leave, closing his door behind her, wondering if they should bring Dean into their special little secret. "Dean? When will you be home so we all can sit down for a family dinner? " Anna asked as his coat slid over his shoulders. "Don 't bother, I 'll just grab something on the way home. " "Now, Dean that 's not very becoming of you, " Steven said making himself at home in his recliner. The remote to his 60 ' flat screen in his hand, to Dean it appeared his father wouldn 't be heading into work. "4:30, " Dean said closing the door behind him. "Honey? What are we going to do? I don 't think he will let us stay here forever, " Anna said lowering herself into her husband 's lap. "I don 't know dear for now we need to keep that from him. I doubt he would approve of our life style, " Steven said his hand rubbing the small of her back. "But what if we brought him into to it? " Anna asked playing with his salt and pepper hair. "Brought who into what? " Camilla asked as she entered the living room rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her auburn curly hair askew from her fitful rest, her hazel eyes taking in the strange surroundings realizing where she was at. "Oh right, the brother that doesn 't want anything to do with us, " she said with a hint of scorn. When Dean was still living with them she always watched him, silently falling for her brother that protected the memory of his mother when no one else did. While at the time, she didn 't understand why he cared so much about things that to her seem so trivial. She had moved into his room drinking in his scent that still lingered in his room. Rearranging the room to her liking that was when she had found the photo album that he had hidden away. Flipping through the book, a woman she never seen before filled the photos, Camilla ran her fingers over the woman 's face. Thinking how beautiful his mother was, then seeing the object 's that were within her possession. She gasped, finally realizing why those odd trinkets meant so much to him. They were the last connection he had of the woman that brought him into the world.

Damien Sol

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788834114384
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  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • May 18, 2019
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  • Sin DRM
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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