Family Secrets.  Damien Sol

Family Secrets

By Damien Sol

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DESCRIPTION: Samuel, Kelly, and Charlotte travel down to New Orleans to induct and protect Hekate 's new sect. Yet that isn 't all that awaits Samuel as he arrives down in the Big Easy. No. Labo the leader of the voodoo cult faces off with the Herald. Prideful in her magic, nonetheless, she wasn 't prepared to face off with Samuel 's might. Then there are the children of the night that inhabits the city. Will they allow these to powers to move through their city? EXCERPT: Soft sensuous moans fill Samuel ’s bedroom as Kelly and Charlotte rubbed their naked bodies against Samuel ’s in their slumber. Samuel hasn ’t gotten a decent night ’s sleep since moving out of his dorm room due to his mother ’s constant need to crawl into their bed at night and fall asleep squarely on his chest. Not that he was complaining about the two hot naked women at his side, however, Samuel could deal without the massive drool that marred his chest. "Hello, " Samuel said answering his phone as quietly as he could. "Hey kiddo, " his grandfather ’s voice came over the line, "is the coven still causing you trouble? " "Not any more, I destroyed them, " Samuel said in a matter-of-fact tone, "along with Norman. " "What?! " Carson said in stun disbelief. "I know you aren ’t calling this early in the morning to catch up grandpa & hellip;, " Samuel stopped as he felt his mother stirring on his chest. "Samuel, how would you mind making a trip down here? " "Why? What ’s going on grandpa? " Samuel asked keeping the fact that they were already planning a trip to see his grandparents from them. "There ’s something going on down here, I can ’t get into it over the phone. It might not be safe for us to do, but we(I) need you to come down here, " Carson grew silent contemplating on the problem his family was facing, "listen we really could use whatever magic you use down here. I don ’t know what it is, but I ’m sure these people wouldn ’t know how to take you on. " "Okay, " Samuel said unsure if he would be any kind of help to his grandparents. "Are you sure you need me and not Kelly or Charlotte, grandpa? I ’m not even a novice yet. They ’re the real witches here not I. " "I ’m quite sure Sammy. It would ease my and your grandmother ’s mind if we know we have someone like you to keep these people in check. Their attacks have grown since we been down here. " "Alright, " Samuel said wondering how he was going wiggle himself out of bed without waking Kelly and Charlotte. "It may take us a day or two to get everything ready, " he said looking down as his mother stirred on his chest. Hoping the puddle of drool wouldn ’t run down onto his bed. "Sammy, " Wendy said weakly as she roused from her slumber. "Here talk to grandpa, " Samuel said handing her his phone. Trying not to breathe as he smelled what awaited him in her diaper. "Hey Daddy! " Wendy said excitedly sitting up on her son ’s chest. "Hey pumpkin! How ’s my sweet little girl doing? " "I ’m fine another tooth came in the other day. We went and saw Samuel ’s college a couple of weeks ago when we helped to move him out of his dorm. It was neat! " Wendy said watching how her son tried to keep in his laughter at the sight of how ridiculous she looked holding his S9 to her ear. "Really?! Wow. Those things are just coming in, aren ’t they? "

Damien Sol

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834114650
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • May 18, 2019
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  • Sin DRM
  • Romance
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