The Misadventures of Ms. Watson.  Damien Sol

The Misadventures of Ms. Watson

By Damien Sol

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DESCRIPTION: A divorced mother lusts for the man of her dreams - her son. One night she finally crosses that line in tasting the cock that has haunted her dreams. Even breaking down and informing her two closest friends in what she had done. Knowing she could never again see her son as such. Then they too crossed that line even listening in as Susan 's son fucked her. Mary Ann couldn 't wait to feel her own son 's cock plowing her to her heart 's content. EXCERPT: Mary Ann Watson stood at the door to her son 's room, as the light of the street lamp washed her son James 's bed in its yellow-orange light. Her raven hair fell pass her light brown areolas that pressed against the nearly translucent white silk robe. Her emerald green eyes lavished upon the sharp peak in her son 's bed coverings. It had been five years since her divorce from her now deadbeat cheating ex-husband. All through their ten year marriage she had always kept herself fit. Yet never once did she seek another bed not belonging to her husband. However, once she had learn of the numerous women he had spent many a night with. Also the diagnoses of the clap that was the last draw. Personally, Mary Ann could care less what happened to the man now. He had made his bed it was high time he slept in it at least that what she told herself. Yet as she looked upon those covers that she knew hid her son 's hard young cock. Mary Ann couldn 't stop herself from imaging what it would be like as it slid between her lips. Her tongue circling it 's head, tasting that salty pre-cum as her hand stroked that throbbing cock, or how he would feel thrusting that tool deep into her hot tight wet cunt. Driving her to the point of insanity with the hours she would demand they share together. Her hand instinctively reached down treading through the opening of the robe. Biting her lip so her gasp didn 't wake her son. Moaning inwardly at how wet she was just thinking about her son 's cock deep within her hungry cock starved twat. Pulling on her nipple as she rubbed her clit vigorously, her mind calling out to her son to awaken. To see his mother pleasuring herself in his doorway. Asking why she was so eagerly toying with her wet throbbing lips while she stared at the pitched tent of his cover 's. All so she could show him the body his father had tossed away for some cheap whore. To show him things that would make the porn stars of the movies he hid from her to shame. Letting his hands run over her naked flesh with no hindrance to his virgin mind. So that her nude body would be forever imprinted on his young mind. Bracing herself against the doorframe her mind scream for James to wake up. To watch as her body succumbed to the orgasm that was fast approaching. Tossing back her head as her womb exploded coating her experienced fingers in her hot cream. Breathing heavily listening to her juices dripping on to the polished wood flooring. Sighing knowing that her son would never wake up when she need that hard cock. To take her forcibly, to bend her over his desk, lift up her robe and ram his cock deep into her. How she so yearned for that very thing. To be used like a dirty horny whore that she knew she was acting like. Yet Mary Ann didn 't care she would be that dirty horny whore if it was her son fucking her brain 's out. Every day, every night, in every room of their house, until they were so spent their skin so raw to the touch...

Damien Sol

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788834114810
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • May 18, 2019
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  • Sin DRM
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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