Death instinct and knowledge.  Massimo Fagioli

Death instinct and knowledge

I libri di Massimo Fagioli

By Massimo Fagioli

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With decades of Analisi collettiva, verbal thought has become richer and more extended. The & lsquo;vision ’ of human birth has now been realized with fifteen words that define the non-material reality that has always been said to be unknowable. Reaction, pulsion, vitality, creation, existence, time, capability to imagine. Strength, movement, sound, memory, certainty that a breast exists. Forty-seven years after its first publication in italian, the main book about human birth theory is now available in its first english edition. Fagioli considered dreams to be thoughts through images . Non-conscious thoughts that, once comprehended, can lead to human beings achieving greater fulfilment. Fundamental is the distinction between frustration and aggression, identity and identification, desire and greed, indifference and the lack of affectivity, refusal and negation, alienation outside oneself and projection, memory-fantasy and conscious recollection, recreation and regression-repetition.

Massimo Fagioli

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