The American Prejudice Against Color.  William G. Allen

The American Prejudice Against Color

By William G. Allen

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& quot;The American Prejudice Against Color & quot; is an essential book to understand the racism and segregation in the United States during the 19th century. In 1853, William G. Allen, the & quot;Coloured Professor & quot; of Classics at New York Central College, became engaged to Mary King, a student at the coeducational, racially integrated school and daughter of a local white abolitionist minister. Rumors of their betrothal incited a mob of several hundred men armed with & quot;tar, feathers, poles, and an empty barrel spiked with shingle nails. & quot; Allen and King narrowly escaped with their lives, married in New York City, and then fled as fugitives to England and Ireland. & nbsp; Their love story and brave resistance were recorded in engrossing detail by Allen the pamphlet & quot;The American Prejudice Against Color & quot;.

William G. Allen

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