Morgan's Bi Cruise.  A.J. Mayes

Morgan's Bi Cruise

By A.J. Mayes

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DESCRIPTION: Her life in turmoil after a bitter breakup, Morgan sails on an LGBT cruise, and quickly meets a handsome bisexual couple, Damon and Evan. They hit it off, and wanting to run wild, Morgan accepts their invitation to join them. The next day, Morgan meets Lindsey and sparks fly. Together the two beautiful young women, have sex with each other and the two men for the remainder of the trip. Is love in the offing? EXCERPT: Taking a sip of her Mojito, Morgan swirled the sweet liquid over her tongue, and swallowing, she touched Damon ’s leg. "Don ’t be so shy. I don ’t bite. Much. " "God, Morgan & hellip; I hope you do bite. I like it rough. " "Now you ’re talking. I like it rough too. I ’m getting too excited here. Let ’s change the subject. Tell me about yourself Damon. " "Not much to tell. I ’m twenty-nine, and a surgeon at a hospital in San Antonio. Evan and I share a home there. " "Really? I live in San Antonio too. Baldy, what do you do? " "So, we ’re going with nicknames? I ’m an attorney and turn thirty in a couple of days. What about you, bitch? " "Bitch works & hellip; I like it. I ’m a trust fund kid, and a baby compared to you two old guys. I ’m twenty-five and volunteer at some charities but don ’t really work. I fill my time with sex and traveling. " "Sounds like a great life. " Damon grinned and looked at Evan. "We may have met our match, baldy. " "Shit. Not you too. Okay, boy & hellip; I think you ’re right. But she ’ll have to prove it. " "Boys, I ’ll prove it & hellip; you can count on it. " "Honey, I bet you do, " Damon said. "See, bitch & hellip; I told you my boy would loosen up. " "Yes, you did. And Damon, I promise to bite! " "Honey, I can ’t believe it, but you ’re making me hard. " Damon adjusted his growing cock. "Baldy, let ’s take her to the suite and let her watch us fuck. " "Yeah & hellip; she made me hard too. Wanna watch us, bitch? " "Hell no. I don ’t just want to watch & hellip; I wanna join in. " "Perfect. Let ’s get busy, " Evan said. Jumping off her lounge, Morgan pulled the men up, and slipping her arms through theirs, strutted between them to the elevators. The men led Morgan to a suite identical to hers, but located on the starboard side, and entering, she moved into Evan ’s arms, kissing him deeply. "Baldy, I wanna watch you two boys a minute. I ’ll jump in soon. " "Don ’t worry, bitch & hellip; I ’ll save some for you. " "You better, stud. " "Honey, if he doesn ’t, I ’ll fuck you myself, " Damon said. "But you ’re gay, sweetie, you don ’t like women. " "Maybe I prefer men, but I ’m attracted to a few women too. You ’re fucking beautiful, and I want you as much as baldy. " "You mean I get to play with two cocks? " "Yep, bitch & hellip; get ready to be fucked rough. " "MMM. Get to it, boys. "

A.J. Mayes

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834130117
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • June 2, 2019
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  • Sin DRM
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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