My Brother is Curious.  Bull Blue

My Brother is Curious

By Bull Blue

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DESCRIPTION: Liam knows something is up with his little brother Cole. He just can ’t quite place his finger on it. Then one night, Liam finally comes to conclusion that his little brother is gay and is still in the closet about it. Funny thing is Cole ’s also a virgin. Liam ’s cock knows no bounds and is always in need of a ball drain. So what if it ’s ready to sate any curiosities his little brother might have about the male anatomy? What ’s a big brother for? EXCERPT: Cole was curious. I couldn ’t quite place my finger on it, but then it struck me like a clap of thunder one night hanging around the house. Dad put me out no sooner than I got on with the union. Mom let me stop in on occasion to wash clothes. It was only fair seeing that my older brother Gavin got to do it all the time, and since I didn ’t always have quarters for the machine in my apartment building I thought the arrangement was just dandy. Because I was significantly older than my brother Cole, I never gave much thought to where he fitted into the family dynamic. Gavin was the perpetual screw up. I was the handsome blonde grease monkey. Cole kicked? Fought karate? Participated in karate? No. Played ball? Dad had some of his friends over for a cookout earlier in the day when I dropped by with a few loads of laundry. I hung around long enough to see what kind of leftovers I could nab for the coming weeks. I wasn ’t lacking funds. I saw a couple of weeks before then that I was packing on a few extra pounds gobbling down too much of the salty stuff for lunch not to replace a few of those meals with some home-cooked ones. I was so caught up catching up with some of my old friends throwing back beers that I got behind washing clothes, meaning I had to wrap things up while everybody else headed off to bed. I placed my little brother Cole in the same boat, him being a college-bound in a few months and needing his rest after a strenuous season. Nope! Just like any eighteen year old wanting to prove his manhood, he just waited Mom and Dad out to come back around to greet me with a couple of rolled joints. We sat on the back step, taking tokes and talking bullshit. I knew straight from the rip he ’d handed me some cat piss. But he was so proud of his first lick I didn ’t want to rob him of his joy. He started two sentences in talking about lacrosse and then veered off into girls. He would ’ve been in Dandyland if he just kept it at his interest in them, like which girl he would love to talk to or things like that. No. Cole had to fuck himself up bragging about the girls he ’d scored lately. This, too, would ’ve been fine if he was telling the truth. A virgin got his tells, and my little brother wasn ’t good about hiding his. I fought the urge to rag on him. I got that I was his big older brother living out on my own with a fresh pair of tits and ass moving through every two or three weeks or so, and he wanted to impress me. Well, the beer got to me again: I needed to take a leak. Since it was just us guys out there, there was no point to head back inside when there was a bush in need of watering right there along the property line so late at night. I stood up and walked over there. "Where are you going, Liam? " I answered by unzipping, a sound that loudly cut through the quite of the still night. "Oh man! You ’re crazy! " Cole giggled between hacking coughs. "Crazy? Answering nature ’s call, man? " I cocked my head briefly flashing him a quick smile before going...

Bull Blue

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788834134504
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • June 8, 2019
  • Romance

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