Not According To Plan.  Lizzy Eliot

Not According To Plan

By Lizzy Eliot

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DESCRIPTION: My boyfriend Billy has a plan. His parole officer got him out early, and now she 's putting him to work. Plans are important, but this one sucks. She 's got Billy selling coke, which wouldn 't be quite so bad if he knew what the was doing. But I 've already been raped by his supplier, and he expects me to fuck his customers. So I 'm moonlighting as a whore for escape money, and making my own plan. EXCERPT: Reluctantly, I led him into the bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed and moved over me. "What the hell? " "I don ’t talk business with women I haven ’t fucked, " he said. "Go to hell, " I said. He stared at me and dropped his pants, kicking off he shoes and stepping out of them. The guy was hung, and as his cock was getting hard and he intended to fuck me. "Silvia thought you might be a tough bitch, " he said. I considered my options. The odds weren ’t good. He was a big guy and looked strong & mdash;a lot stronger than me. Loud music loud played in the living room. I think someone had turned it up as we went into the bedroom. It was unlikely that Billy would hear me yell, assuming he wasn ’t too stoned to care. I looked around for anything that might work as a weapon. "The way I understand it, you want to do business with Billy, not me. Go fuck him. " He laughed. "Billy isn ’t going to do squat alone. Daphne said he ’d do okay, but not for what I have in mind. I ’ve talked to the idiot and I don ’t think he will work out. But you & hellip; you ’re a different kettle of fish. " "Am I? " "And you don ’t have any choice. " I had my hand on the lamp on the nightstand. "How ’s that? " "Billy owes me big money for drugs and I ’m going to collect. Right now I ’m going to take a down payment. " "What are you talking about? " "I ’ve given him coke on credit. Instead of selling it, he used it or shared it with people. After I fuck you, we will talk. If we don ’t come to an agreement today, then I ’ll collect in full. " "We don ’t have shit, " I said. He looked at me. "I own a sex club. It ’s kind of seedy and kinky, and it has a lot of clients who ’d pay to be alone in a room with you. Of course, they might be a little rough and they pay well not to be interfered with. You might not like their games, but that ’s one way you could settle the debt. " I saw that he meant it. "And you are Billy ’s collateral. " "Asshole. " "I ’m a greedy businessman. Billy owes me, and you and he are & hellip; together. " I lay there, wondering if there was any way out of this. I couldn ’t see one. He was between me and the door, besides, I was sure Jake and Daphne knew what he wanted to & lsquo;tell ’ me when he brought me in here. They ’d probably make sure he got what he wanted. After all, they were some kind of partnership. He stared at me. "Either you strip for me and get on your knees so I can fuck you, I ’ll go out there, get my drugs and leave. Daphne will have to get on the phone and tell Silvia what ’s going on. She will violate his parole. Jake will see that you two don ’t run away before I come back here with a couple of my people. I ’ve got a guy named Len who will enjoy beating the crap out of Billy in front of you, then we will take turns fucking you senseless. When you wake up, you ’ll be in a room in my club and Billy will be back in prison finishing his five-year sentence. "

Lizzy Eliot

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  • June 10, 2019
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