The Author Blog: Easy Blogging for Busy Authors.  Anne R. Allen

The Author Blog: Easy Blogging for Busy Authors

By Anne R. Allen

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THE AUTHOR BLOG: EASY BLOGGING FOR BUSY AUTHORS : an easy-does-it guide to simple, low-tech blogging for authors who want to build a platform, but not let it take over their lives. An author blog doesn 't have to follow the rules that monetized business blogs do. This book teaches the secrets that made Anne R. Allen a multi-award-winning blogger and one of the top author-bloggers in the industry. And you 'll learn why having a successful author blog is easier than you think. Here are some things you 'll learn in this book: How an author blog is different & mdash;and easier to maintain & mdash;than a business blog What authors should blog about at different stages of their careers Choosing the right blog topics for your genre and audience How one type of blogpost can build your platform quickly Basic SEO tips that don 't make your eyes glaze over with tech jargon How to write headers that will grab the attention of Web surfers How to keep your audience by learning the tricks of content writing Essential blog and social media etiquette rules What happens to your blog when you die?

Anne R. Allen