Conversations with Anthony Bourdain.  Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

Conversations with Anthony Bourdain

By Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

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Meet Anthony Bourdain chef, writer, traveller and compare extraordinaire. Someone we all got to know and love through his travel and cooking documentaries to exotic places. We let him in, not just into our homes each night, but into our hearts with love and trust. Whether filming in the hot and wet humid streets of Hanoi or a remote village along the way, we were always waiting to see what goes into his mouth next chased down by a very cold beer. However life is not a fairy tale of beautiful endings. Not everyone finds their prince or princess and Tony was no exception. He trusted Asia Argento and saw her as his soul mate, someone he could love and be loved in return. However one lonely night in a hotel room in France he would be dead, by his own hand, three hours after a devastating phone call. The world was shocked and we grieved as if someone from our own family had suddenly and expectantly died. There is volumes of discussion surrounding Tony’s life however his joys were in direct contrast with depression. Popular opinion is directing blame and wanting answers to questions about his love interest, Italian born actress and film maker Asia Argento. Why would he choose suicide instead of life? Well let’s find out from Tony. Channeling is the ability to make contact with the spiritual record of someone’s life who has passed over. This is possible through a channeler such as Sussan. As Tony talks about his life we start to understand who he really was. There was so much more to him than his television persona.

Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

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