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Public Oratory

By Julia Casutt-Schneeberger , LiBook

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Are you afraid and are you insecure to speak in public? Do you want to speak in front of an audience but are you ashamed to know the reaction of the people? "Public Oratory " is the book that will be your guide so you know how to overcome those problems that do not let you develop and express yourself with professionalism and fluency. When you read it, we will find the best advice for you. This book contains topics such as: What is oratory/public speaking? Fears and Phobias of Public Speaking. Causes of the fears of Public Speaking. Unlearn the fears of Public Speaking. The Audience Oratory Techniques Tips, Aids and more. Public speaking is considered as an art and a literary genre that aims to persuade the audience and give information that moves the emotions and inspires people to act. With this book you will find the right way to express yourself and speak in front of the public, and become a great speaker without fears. A book that you can use in any presentation. Don & acute;t waste more time and start now!


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  • June 20, 2019
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