Seduced By His Mother.  Alana Church

Seduced By His Mother

By Alana Church

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Bobby was adopted when he was a child. When he finds out his father is a mob boss for the mafia, he runs away, taking his mother with him. But close quarters bring out forbidden desires. Can Bobby and Sofiya find true love? And will they ever feel safe again? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ & quot;You still haven & #39;t told me where we & #39;re going. & quot; Bobby turned and bent, rooting through his suitcase for clean clothes. She took a moment to admire the long, clean lines of his back. And judging from the with the way the towel bunched around his rear, there was definitely a world-class butt under the concealing cloth. & quot;How am I going to know where home is? & quot; & quot;You & #39;re a clever boy, & quot; she replied as he stood. & quot;I & #39;m sure you & #39;ll figure it out. Eventually. & quot; & quot;Right. & quot; His voice dripped sarcasm. & quot;You want to turn away? Or should I go back in the bathroom? & quot; & quot;I won & #39;t look, & quot; she promised, covering her eyes with one hand. & quot;See? & quot; & quot;All right. & quot; He dropped the towel to the floor, where it landed with a soggy thump. & quot;This is crazy, & quot; he muttered under his breath. & quot;A week ago I knew how everything worked. Now I & #39;m on the run from the freaking Memphis mafia. & quot; & quot;It & #39;s only for a few days, love, & quot; she replied, spreading her fingers and peeking through. & quot;In a day, we & #39;ll be hidden, and in... & quot; She trailed off, her eyes widening behind their protective covering. & quot;Mom? & quot; She shook her head. & quot;Sorry. I guess I & #39;m more tired than I thought. & quot; Or my son is better-looking than I ever dreamed. Oh, she had seen Bobby half-dressed often enough. She hadn & #39;t raised him to be ashamed of his body. There was rarely a week that went by when he hadn & #39;t walked through the house with his shirt off. And during the spring and summer, he had often joined her in the pool, or had talked with her as she sunbathed. She had watched him grow from a cute little boy to gangly adolescent to attractive young man. Yet, somehow, he had never lost his sweet innocence. And, somehow, she had never realized exactly how attractive he actually was. The profile of his rear alone was enough to make her clench her teeth shut on a silent moan. Hard and taut, ridged with muscle, it made her want to jump out of bed for an exploratory squeeze. His legs were long, but solid rather than spindly, lightly covered with hair a shade darker than the sandy blond on his head. His chest wasn & #39;t terribly broad, but it was pleasantly firm, not flabby like Sonny & #39;s, sagging like a melting candle. She could count the ripples of his abs as they ran down his belly to his groin. And his manhood... Even dangling between his legs, it was impressive, a symbol of virile masculinity, wanting only a woman & #39;s touch to bring it roaring to life. At least, it was impressive compared to the only one she had seen in the last decade. Sonny had been a mediocre man in every sense of the word. On those rare occasions when he barged into her bedroom, usually drunk, his eyes haunted by his own self-loathing, she had to practically search under his bulging belly. And when she had finally found it, there was little either of them could do to bring the other pleasure. But Bobby & #39;s was completely different. It wasn & #39;t hidden behind layer upon layer of fat. It simply was, unapologetically male, a challenge to her female senses even in its present quiescent state. Not hard. Not even close. But tempting nonetheless. She must have made some sound, because her son turned toward her. & quot;Mom? & quot;

Alana Church

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  • June 28, 2019
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