95 Tweets.  Peter DeHaan

95 Tweets

By Martha Lucía Quiroga Riviere , Peter DeHaan

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95 Tweets Reveals Our Past So We Can Reform Our Present Celebrate the five-hundred-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther nailed his list of ninety-five concerns to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517. Most Protestants have heard of Martin Luther, but they know little more. Discover what Luther said in his history-changing document that people talk about but have never read. Learn what Luther’s ninety-five theses meant 500 years ago. Understand the significance behind his work. Explore how the ninety-five theses apply to us today. Consider reformation as an ongoing effort. Reassess your spiritual practices. 95 Tweets explains the meaning behind each of Luther’s ninety-five concerns. Then it updates the basic premise of each one, reframed as ninety-five tweets, complete with hashtags. 95 Tweets concludes with a present-day list of ninety-five tweets for the modern church. The intent is not to criticize her but to encourage ongoing reforms. Peter DeHaan , PhD, writes about biblical spirituality. He urges Christians to push past the status quo and reexamine their practices. Many people feel church let them down, and Peter seeks to encourage them as they search for a place to belong. But he’s not afraid to ask tough questions or make religious people squirm. Peter earned his doctorate from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, awarded with high distinction.

Peter DeHaan

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