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Publishing Is a Joke

By Anonymous Publisher

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For safety reasons, I wont mention some of the corrupt companies I am referring to in this book by name. Wow, that was a great way to start a book description. Well, deal with it. This book is not for phonies. Its not for wimps. Its for people who dont put up a fake smile and pretend everything is happy in Lollipop Land. Its for those who are seeking the truth, so it can set them free. Publishing has become an opportunity for many authors, stay-at-home dads, hard workers, narrators, cover designers, writers (different than authors I presume), and the like. However, evil giant companies (one in particular) are sucking the life out of customers and the creativity out of authors to feed their greed and crush competitors in unethical ways. After self-publishing for several years now, fulltime, and making more than an average fulltime living with it, I can attest to all the dirty secrets they are trying to keep from honest, average Joes behind the screen. This book is meant to shock you, but not with false information. All stories and quotes are based on true accounts from victims and experienced entrepreneurs. You will read, among others (here comes the list you can actually find on the content page): - How one of the richest companies pays less taxes than you do, even though they make billions in profit. - Why monopolies are hurting both customers and sellers in a lazy economy, and why we may be all doomed if we continue this way. - Law transgressions and sleazy tricks the before-mentioned company has stolen money and/or market share to grow their monstrous empire. - Why most positive reviews and star averages on the companys enchanting website are actually fake, which makes a lot of sense if you really take the time to think about it. - Money-making loopholes in a flawed system that can help you make tens of thousands of dollars extra (not kidding), because theyre too stupid or arrogant at headquarters to update their bots. - Lies to the public, their loyal customers, and their diligent sellers. - How E-Books, paperbacks on demand, and audiobooks have evolved over the years. - How some scammers on YouTube are taking advantage of gullible newbies who are trying to make money or making an effort to write a good book. - How Nigerian plagiarizers have conspired to cover up a giant hoax. - Why publishing has become such a mess, and what you can do about it. If you want to descent to the obscure games companies and individuals are playing in the unseen realm of what we call the "internet," then follow me and take off your pink glasses, so you can witness the greed and diabolic intentions of some players in a truly corrupt industry. On a different note, I hope youre still happy and curious enough to click the "buy" button. That way, I can be rewarded for the many hours I spent writing this stuff, and the willingness to reveal things nobody should actually know about.

Anonymous Publisher

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  • December 30, 2018
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