Bridgeford Tales: Goings-on In An English Village.  Alex Barton

Bridgeford Tales: Goings-on In An English Village

By Alex Barton

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DESCRIPTION: Pepper and Ian Winston have recently moved to the picturesque English village of Bridgeford where everyone is fucking everyone else, families delight in incest and exercising the dog means something quite different to taking it for a walk & hellip; Join Alex Barton as he introduces you to quaint English pastimes like sodomy, bestiality, adultery and bare knuckle fist fighting! EXCERPT: It was laundry/cleaning day in the Winston house and Pepper had spent a busy morning. She was about to make a sandwich for lunch when the phone rang. Andy Brock said he was popping round & lsquo;to drop off some papers for Ian & rsquo; so Pepper stopped what she was doing, left the front door on the latch and went to undress. Fetching the lube from the bathroom cabinet, she stretched out on her bed and spent an enjoyable few minutes working lubricant round the rim of her anus and as far inside as her fingers could reach. Before Andy arrived Pepper was hungry. Soon afterward she had swallowed three huge loads of Andy & rsquo;s semen, taking the edge off her appetite, and she was breathing heavily, part in passion, part in an effort to cope with Andy & rsquo;s love of lying behind her in the spoons position, his cock filling her back passage as he ground his belly against the rondures of her bottom, his glans probing for the very depths of her rectum. & ldquo;Andy & ndash; don & rsquo;t you think & ndash; ? & rdquo; she started to say before groaning in ecstasy as Andy withdrew his cock slowly and then slid the full length back into her tight sheath. & ldquo;Yes, sweetheart? & rdquo; he said, barely able to speak with the intense pleasure of sodomizing the lovely young woman. & ldquo;That we could fuck the normal way and you come in my pussy instead of you fucking my asshole and then coming in my mouth? I mean, just once in a while? & rdquo; & ldquo;Of course, & rdquo; Andy said. & ldquo;As soon I & rsquo;ve come you suck me nice and clean and then I & rsquo;ll fuck your pussy. & rdquo; & ldquo;Thank you, that would be nice, & rdquo; Pepper said softly, amazed at Andy & rsquo;s stamina. A lunchtime quickie and he was able to flood every hole in her body with sperm. No man she & rsquo;d ever known could match that, which was why she never said no when the phone rang and Andy said he had some papers to drop off & hellip;

Alex Barton

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834158142
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • July 18, 2019
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  • Romance
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