Hacked and Blackmailed.  Cherry Sapphire

Hacked and Blackmailed

By Cherry Sapphire

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DESCRIPTION: Lexi has a whole closet full of dirty little secrets & mdash;secrets a sadistic hacker uses to blackmail her into being his personal whore. Stripped and degraded, inspected and dehumanized, used and fucked, Lexi has no choice but to comply with Tom & rsquo;s humiliating demands or risk losing her job. But most humiliating of all? Being at the hacker & rsquo;s mercy makes Lexi really, really wet. EXCERPT: Lexi walks over to the couch. She knows the drill by now. First she stands facing Tom, her legs shoulder-width apart, and lifts her skirt. Tom reaches between her legs, using his fingers to part the lips of Lexi & rsquo;s cunt. & ldquo;Oh, what & rsquo;s this? & rdquo; Tom exclaims in mock-surprise, running his fingers between Lexi & rsquo;s labia. Lexi closes her eyes in mortification. Not again. Why does this happen to her every time, no matter how much she dreads coming here, how much she hates everything about this situation? Sure enough, Tom removes his fingers from Lexi & rsquo;s cunt, revealing them to be slick with evidence of her arousal. Lexi feels tears prick her eyes. & ldquo;I said, what & rsquo;s this, slut? & rdquo; says Tom. Lexi swallows. & ldquo;It & rsquo;s & mdash;it & rsquo;s my wetness, sir. & rdquo; & ldquo;Well, it & rsquo;s nice to have an eager slut, & rdquo; says Tom. He wipes his fingers against Lexi & rsquo;s thigh. Lexi feels the urge to hit him, but she holds herself still, skirt still raised, awaiting further orders. & ldquo;Let & rsquo;s keep going. Turn around, & rdquo; says Tom. Lexi knows what to do next. She turns and then bends at the waist, gripping one of her ass cheeks in each of her hands and pulling them apart, revealing her hole for Tom & rsquo;s inspection. Tom runs his finger up and down the crack of Lexi & rsquo;s ass. He doesn & rsquo;t always fuck her there, but he always demands she be perfectly shaved. Lexi & rsquo;s face burns as Tom probes at her sensitive bud, dipping a finger inside her and then pulling it out to slap her cheeks lightly. & ldquo;Good slut, & rdquo; says Tom. & ldquo;Stay right there. & rdquo; He gets up from the couch, leaving Lexi bend over, still displaying her ass. Her calves burn from being bent over like this. Where is Tom going? What does he have in store for her? Tom & rsquo;s footsteps retreat, up to the second floor of the house. Lexi shifts her stance and almost topples over, catching herself just in time. After that, she tries to remain locked in place, even as the stiffness of her pose begins to truly hurt. Where is he? Why can & rsquo;t he just come back and get whatever he & rsquo;s got planned over with? Finally, Tom returns, carrying something made of smooth black rubber & mdash;a piece of clothing, perhaps? Then, Tom holds it up. Neck hole, mouth hole, spaces for her nostrils: it & rsquo;s a mask. Lexi feels real fear settle into her. She hates blindfolds more than anything. & ldquo;Guess what, slut? & rdquo; asks Tom. & ldquo;What, sir? & rdquo; asks Lexi. Maybe the mask is just a threat. Maybe she can be very good and avoid it entirely. & ldquo;Lately, I & rsquo;ve been getting pretty tired of seeing your face every week. Wanting some variety, you know? But since I don & rsquo;t have any other sluts who got themselves as completely hacked and just generally fucked as you did, I & rsquo;m stuck with you for now. & rdquo; Tom moves to stand behind Lexi. His cock presses against Lexi & rsquo;s ass. & ldquo;So then I thought: maybe I & rsquo;ll just cover your face! After all, it & rsquo;s not like that & rsquo;s why I keep you around, is it? & rdquo; Lexi won & rsquo;t cry. Crying means Tom has won completely, stripped away her dignity until there is nothing left. She blinks away the tears that are threatening to fall.

Cherry Sapphire

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788834158241
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • July 18, 2019
  • Protection:
  • Sin DRM
  • Romance

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