Seven Minutes In Heaven With My Brother.  Angel Scott

Seven Minutes In Heaven With My Brother

By Angel Scott

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DESCRIPTION: Being 21 can really boost a person & #39;s personality or sex drive. Especially when one of your family members kisses you and admits to loving you as more than family. Come join this fun tale of a brother-sister story that will take you into a fun game! EXCERPT: Jack nodded and spun the bottle. The brown beer bottle pointed to Jackie, out of all the young ladies in the room, it just had to land on his damn, hot, sister. Damn it! Jack looked over at his sister and then started to turn a little bit of a shade of red in the face. He shrugged his shoulders at Jackie and then just looked at the woman sitting next to him and then spoke out to her. & ldquo;You & rsquo;re turn. & rdquo; The redhead, Josie, shook her head and then spoke up. & ldquo;Sorry, Jack. I can & rsquo;t go until you kiss the person it landed on. That & rsquo;s how the game goes. So, kiss Jackie. & rdquo; & ldquo;But, I can & rsquo;t. & rdquo; Jack protested loudly, still looking bright red in the face. & ldquo;Why not? & rdquo; Kira asked curiously as she shrugged her slender shoulders. & ldquo;Ummm. Because she & rsquo;s my sister, Kira. & rdquo; & ldquo;So? Do it anyways. & rdquo; Kira said as she made a face at Jack. She shook her head. & ldquo;Umm, it & rsquo;s wrong to kiss my sister, Kira. Just spin the damn bottle. & rdquo; Jack said as his voice rose an octave and his voice started to get annoyed. & ldquo;It & rsquo;s just a game man! Kiss her! So, we can move on! & rdquo; James yelled out. Everyone turned to look at Jack as he turned a bright red and then looked at his sister who also turned a bright red. & ldquo;But we...we can & rsquo;t. We & rsquo;re related! & rdquo; Everyone rolled their eyes. & ldquo;So, what? Who the fuck cares. It & rsquo;s just a fucking kiss. Now do it so we can continue! & rdquo; Jimmy chipped into the conversation. Jackie felt a little freaked out as she watched her friends expect her to kiss her brother in front of them. She wouldn & rsquo;t mind, but she wasn & rsquo;t supposed to or should want to kiss and do the dirty deed again. She didn & rsquo;t want anyone to find out that they kissed and made love in the last several hours. Jackie didn & rsquo;t want people to know that she truly loved her brother and that they would be going on a date soon. To make it look normal, Jackie made a disgusted face as she looked at Jack. She wondered what Jack thought about the kiss also and wondered what he would do. Jack felt disappointed with his sister & rsquo;s face, so he made the same disgusted face back at Jackie. He knew the weird faces would show up, but Jack still felt upset by it. He wanted to wrap his arm around his sister and gloat about their love. But sadly, his sister didn & rsquo;t want to show off their love for each other. & ldquo;Oh, for the love of god, just kiss. It & rsquo;s not that disgusting, and we don & rsquo;t care that you kiss. It & rsquo;s part of the damn game. If you didn & rsquo;t want to get a chance to kiss your own brother, then you shouldn & rsquo;t be here playing this with him and his friends. & rdquo; Jamie piped in annoyance as she moved over to Jackie and pushed her towards Jack. & ldquo;She does make a point there, Jackie. So just kiss and continue on. & rdquo; Jimmy piped in. & ldquo;Fine, & rdquo; Jack said as he leaned in. He could see Jackie lean in to and then they inched closer and closer to each other. Their shy, nervous, lips touched each other, and the kiss felt soft and quick. A little too quick in Jack & rsquo;s opinion. Everyone sighed with relief as Jack and Jackie moved back to their original spots on the floor.

Angel Scott

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834158586
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • July 19, 2019
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  • Romance

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