Donnie Shows His Twin Sisters.  Charlie Flemming

Donnie Shows His Twin Sisters

By Martina Frey , Charlie Flemming

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DESCRIPTION: After Donnie & #39;s mom leaves for work early, Donnie is left alone with his twin sisters, Amber and Nikki. He decides to show them all the things he learned from Mom yesterday, and Nikki and Amber see that Donnie has matured quite quickly in one day... EXCERPT: & quot;Ow! & quot; Donnie shouted as he fell on his back, & quot;Ah! Oof! & quot; Hey yelled as both his sister & #39;s fell on top of him. Two sets of tits pressed into his chest as the hard cock in his pants rubbed in between the two girls waists. & quot;Whoops! & quot; Nikki cried, & quot;I & #39;m such a klutz! & quot;she said and all three of them laughed. But then Nikki noticed the log in between her and her sister, & quot;It looks like you need relief again Donnie. & quot; She said as she unceremoniously ripped Donnie & #39;s cock out of his pants. Amber rolled off of Donnie and sat on her knees next to him, & quot;Nikki! You said you wouldn & #39;t do more than what Mom taught him! & quot; & quot;I guess I did, & quot; Nikki admitted as she jumped to her feet so she could remove her shirt, revealing her glorious tits, & quot;but I don & #39;t care anymore. I fucking need this! & quot; Nikki declared and removed her pants and tossed them with her shirt. Now naked in front of her siblings. Amber sat there in shocked silence as she watched her sister stand over their brother with a look of triumph on her face. Amber could do nothing as Nikki lowered herself down, grabbed Donnie & #39;s cock, lined it up with her pussy, and sat on him. & quot;Oh my fucking God brother! & quot; Nikki shouted as her brothers humongous cock stretched her pussy out further than it & #39;s ever stretched before, & quot;Amber you have no idea how good this fucking feels! & quot; Amber still could do nothing but stare at the incestuous coupling before her, and though she thought she was just shocked she could feel her cunt juices begin to flow heavily as she watched Nikki begin to slowly ride their brother.

Charlie Flemming

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • July 20, 2019
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