MERRIMEG.  William Bowen


By William Bowen

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Once upon a time there was a little girl whose name was Merrimeg. Sometimes she was good, and sometimes she was, well, not so good. Whatever the situation she found herself in, or managed to get herself into, she was always merry and happy - if not always obedient. In this illustrated book are 7 magical adventures on which Merrimeg goes. They are: Merrimeg and The Chimney Imps Merrimeg and The Clop-Clop Shoes Merrimeg and The Starlight Fairies Merrimeg and The Echo Dwarfs Merrimeg and The Rag-Bone Man Merrimeg and The Apple-Seed Elf Merrimeg and The May-Dew =========== KEYWORDS/TAGS: Folklore, fairytales, myths, legends, fairy tales, fables, childrens stories, bedtime stories, air, angry, Apple-Seed, arms, asleep, beautiful, blackbird, bottom, butterfly, caterpillar, cave, children, chimney imps, crying, Elf, echo, fairies, Florrie, forest, garden, gnomes, handkerchief, Hark, ladder, laughter, Malkin, Merrimeg, Myrma, Nibby, Painter, Pennie, Peter, ponies, Rag-and-Bone, Sappy, trees, village, walked, waterfall, white, wings, Winnie, starlight, clop-clop, dwarfs, may-dew

William Bowen