Idiom Attack Vol. 2: Doing Business (Traditional Chinese edition).  Peter Liptak

Idiom Attack Vol. 2: Doing Business (Traditional Chinese edition)

By Jay Douma, Matthew Douma, Peter Liptak

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*** Idiom Attack Vol. 2 - Doing Business (Trad. Chinese Edition) *** ???? 2 - ???? Finally, a proven system to master Business English Idioms and speak like a native in the workplace... ...without breaking the bank or wasting hours of your time, GUARANTEED! Are you confused by common sayings in the English language? Discover the hidden meanings of English idioms to help you communicate with confidence. Are you worried that you ’re missing out on the conversation? Do you want to strengthen your English language skills? As ESL educators, Peter Liptak, Matthew Douma, and Jay Douma have decades of teaching experience across the world... After helping classrooms full of students navigate the treacherous waters of the English language, they ’ve created a series of books to help you too! Idiom Attack: Doing Business (Traditional Chinese Edition) is a densely-packed resource that contains **300+ of the most common and relevant idioms** for living, loving and doing business in North America in both English and Traditional Chinese. Through Idiom Attack, you ’ll discover definitions, contextualized examples, and practice questions. Before you know it, you ’ll be using English language idioms in your own everyday conversations like a native English speaker and impressing people with your business English. In Idiom Attack, you ’ll discover: The three-step training process to help you quickly learn new concepts in English with translations in Traditional Chinese Easy-to-follow sections separated by topic to help you find exactly what you ’re looking for Clear meme-like illustrations to help boost your memorization of idioms and their usage Convenient stories, crosswords, and fill-in-the-blank worksheets at the end of each chapter to improve your English retention and conversational abilities A collection of idioms commonly found in the workplace, and much, much more! Idiom Attack is a must-have tool for ESL learners at intermediate and advanced levels. If you like easy-to-use guides, multi-format approaches to learning, and expert advice, then you ’ll love Peter Liptak, Matthew Douma, and Jay Douma ’s in-depth look at American idioms. ????????????,??3????,???????????????,?????????? ??????????300????? 25??????????????? 3????????????? Buy Idiom Attack to finally take part in the discussion today!

Peter Liptak

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  • July 23, 2019
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