Idiom Attack 1: Ups  &  Downs - Flashcards for Everyday Living vol. 5.  Peter Liptak

Idiom Attack 1: Ups & Downs - Flashcards for Everyday Living vol. 5

By Peter Liptak

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Ok, learning a language may not mean life or death, but it can be just as important. Just like life, studying a language has both ups and downs. You can ’t always have good days. But, Idiom Attack is here for you through it all. Vacations, sick days, and days where you can finally take a load off . Below is everything you need for all that life and language throws at you: 55+ flash cards to learn useful idioms fast Mp3 audio download of all the idioms, meanings and sample sentences for pronunciation practice Colorful animated images to create your story Choose how you learn: with pictures, definitions, sentences, or audio Testing materials - fill in the blank, crosswords, word lists, etc. Connection to other great resources by Idiom Attack Why idioms? (Idioms include - essential idioms, native expressions, phrasal verbs, common sayings, figures of speech, and colloquialisms) Idiomatic expressions are COLORFUL groups of words that paint pictures in our minds of a meaning unrelated to the individual words. Idioms decorate the daily conversations of native English speakers in various ways. And because the combination of words will seem peculiar to non-native speakers, it is often quite difficult for them to learn idioms. So if your goal is to conquer English, you must conquer idioms first (before they get you). To top everything off, we ’re bringing you some idioms you ’ll encounter when life gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Idiom Attack has developed these flashcards with your busy schedule in mind. We understand that you have a job, work, kids, or other school work to worry about and we want to make learning something new painless. When the kids wake up or the work bell rings, just put the cards back in the box and continue with your day. They will be there when you need them next. Be prepared with the finest tools to respond in common yet creative ways. Be fluent in American English and never feel out of place again! Finally, you won ’t have to worry about fitting in or not know what to say. TLDR - Learn idioms through visualization, find context, try to translate, find a key word, be creative, have fun, guess, keep your ears open, listen for tone of voice, just listen (speaking will come later), learn by topic, and learn through audio, images, & amp; animation .

Peter Liptak