Sales Improvement.  LiBook

Sales Improvement

By Julia Casutt-Schneeberger , LiBook

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Do you want your sales to grow steadily? Are you looking to know the right price for your product or service? or maybe Do you want to know strategies for big sales? In "Sales Improvement " you will find the necessary instructions so that your business has an exponential increase in your sales, following the price control strategies in a simple way. In this book you will learn: Price summary -Pricing with Regard to Competition -Premium Products Sell at Premium Prices -Increase Sales by Presenting Choices -Rewards for Customers Equal More Cash in your Pocket -Trials & amp; Lead Generation - Etc ... Summary of Value Added -Adding Value Explained -Cut Off Dates -Limited Numbers Done Right -Etc ... And more. The sale price is the value that your product or service will have on the market for the consumer in a common relationship with the exchange of monetary value. With this book you will know how to determine the right price for your sales to grow. You will have the independence you need. Let 's start with this!


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  • July 25, 2019
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