Opening Up To Indie Authors.  Debbie Young

Opening Up To Indie Authors

Alliance of Independent Authors' Campaign Series

By Alliance of Independent Authors, Dan Holloway, Debbie Young

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You 've self-published a book and you 'd like to see it in your local library or bookstore or the review pages of your favourite newspaper. You 'd like to speak or read at a literary festival or event. You 'd like to enter it for a book award or prize. This Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) guide will tell you how to recognise opportunities, work with publishing partners and open doors, and keep them open, for your own benefit -- and that of all indie authors. This guide is also aimed at those who work in the literary, publishing and books industries: award bodies, book fairs and conferences, libraries, literary festival and event organisers, retailers, reviewers and anyone who acts as a bridge between writer and reader. It gives detailed advice on how to find good self-published books and how they might -- and should -- be included, wherever readers are found. Packed with useful information, and real-life examples from members of The Alliance of Independent Authors, this guidebook is part of a wider campaign that includes a petition, and lobbying within the publishing industry, encouraging it to open up to the self-publishing phenomenon. You can sign the petition at More information at:

Debbie Young

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