The History of England.   David Hume

The History of England

By David Hume

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Originally published in 6 volumes, & quot;The History of England from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution of 1688 & quot; has gone through over 100 editions. David Hume saw English history as an evolution from a government of will to a government of law, which makes The History a study of enduring value to the modern reader. David Hume & #39;s reputation in philosophy tends to obscure the fact that among his contemporaries & quot;The History of England & quot; was his most successful work and to this day both the British Library and the Cambridge University Library continue to list him as & quot;David Hume, historian. & quot; David Hume and Thomas Babington Macaulay have frequently been compared as the premier English historians but we don & #39;t have to choose because Macaulay begins where Hume leaves off. & nbsp;

David Hume

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