Pure Taboo.  Laura Lovecraft

Pure Taboo

By Laura Lovecraft

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Three all new hot and sexy taboo stories by The Mistress of Taboo, Laura Lovecraft. A little something for everyone in this mixed bag of taboo treats! - A Ride For A Ride - Tina needs a ride, and so does her brother. - A Handy Tradition - Grandma has the cure for Jack 's insomnia. - Are you Horny, Too? - Rose and her son share a bed, and a lot more! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Rose stopped masturbating when she realized the cheap bed was shaking and suppressed a whimper of frustration. She hadn 't thought she was rubbing hard enough to shake even this flimsy mattress, but... The bed was still shaking. She looked over at Vince. His eyes were closed, but his lips were parted, and he was breathing heavy. Her gaze shifted to where the sheet moved rapidly up and down. Talk about like mother like son! Rose became aware of his hand moving lightly back and forth, caressing the soft skin of her upper thigh. Her heart raced when she wondered if he were thinking of her while he masturbated. "Honey? " Rose couldn 't resist. "You okay? " His hand stopped moving, and he opened his eyes with exaggerated slowness, as he turned to look at her. "Huh? " "You were shaking, are you okay? " She fought back a smile at the nervous look on his sweaty face. "Um, yeah. " He nodded, his head bobbing in a jerky motion and his eyes darting everywhere, but her face. "You sure? You were making some groaning noises. " She lost the battle and felt her lips curving into a smile. "Bad dream? " "Yeah, yeah, " he agreed, his head bobbing again. "Bad dream? " His eyes were now lingering below her face. Rose followed his line of sight and saw her nipples poking through the thin material, and with a start she realized her hand was still under her shirt. "Are you sure it was a bad dream? " Rose eased her hand from her shirt, the move calling more of his attention to her breasts. "Yeah, why? " His eyes had gone lower, now focusing on where her other hand was still under the sheet. "Because it looks like you were having a pretty good dream. " She pointed to the tent he was pitching in the sheet. A very large tent. "Crap! " As red as Vince was from the heat, the flush managed to deepen and his hands went to his crotch, trying to push down what looked like a persistent erection. "Then again, unless you jerk off in your sleep, that wasn 't really any kind of dream, was it? " "What do you mean? I was scratching myself, must have gotten bit on the leg. " "Honey, are you horny, too? " "No, I 'm... " he stopped as he caught her words. "Too? " "I 'm horny, " even as she spoke, she wondered where she was going with this. "I 'm so damn horny, Vince. "

Laura Lovecraft

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  • Published:
  • August 8, 2019
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