Alpha Male.  Tevor Berrison

Alpha Male

By Tevor Berrison

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In this guide, you 'll learn about the various traits of the alpha male. You 'll learn how to flirt with the ladies without even doing anything, without coming across as desperate or needy, and to have them completely ignore your looks. If you stick through this book, you will learn the best ways to handle the female attraction factor and appear more self-confident, which is one of the things all women are looking for. Understand what the difference is between a dominant alpha male and a pushy jerk. There really is a difference. Also, you 'll get to know yourself better by questioning certain habits you 've acquired, the best body language, take the right risks, approach women in a more effective way, and learn the difference between being indifferent and ignorant. Come to understand the different types of alpha males: Intellectual, military, businessman, etc. There are so many things you need to know that I recommend you begin reading this book right now!

Tevor Berrison

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  • 9788834168363
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  • August 9, 2019
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