THE BLUE ROSE FAIRY BOOK - 12 magical fairy tales for children.  Maurice Baring

THE BLUE ROSE FAIRY BOOK - 12 magical fairy tales for children

By Maurice Baring

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The BLUE ROSE FAIRY BOOK, part compiled and part written by Maurice Baring, contains 12 children ’s fairy tales. These are: The Glass Mender The Blue Rose The Story Of Vox Angelica And Lieblich Gedacht The Vagabond The Minstrel The Hunchback, The Pool, And The Magic Ring The Silver Mountain The Ring The Merchant 's Daughter The Cunning Apprentice Orestes And The Dragon, and, The Wise Princess The stories are further brought to life by the 12 full-page colour illustrations by an unknown artist. But why The Blue Rose Fairy Book? In nature there is natural absence of blue roses. They have come to symbolise mystery and a longing to attain the impossible, with some cultures going so far as to say that the holder of a blue rose will have his wishes granted. And so, we have a book full of magical stories of Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, dragons, gypsies and much, much more. Don ’t be surprised that when you have finished reading your young ones a story from this magical book that you feel a small tug at your sleeve with a request for "nutther please & hellip;? " ============== KEYWORDS/TAGS: Blue Rose Fairy Book, Angelica, beautiful, bedtime stories, beggar, castle, childrens books, childrens stories, Cornet, cottage, country, d 'Amore, Daphne, daughter, disappeared, dragon, Elfrida, Elsa, Emerald, expectant mothers, fables, face, fairy tales, fisherman, flowers, folklore, forest, Frantz, Lieblich Gedacht, Golden, Hautboy, Heartsease, horse, hunchback, huntsmen, India, island, Ivan the King 's Son, Johan, King, kingdom, legends, lovely, married, merchant, minstrel, money, mother, Mountain, mothers with children, mothers to be, myths, nobody, Orestes, palace, parents with children, parents to be, pipe, pool, Prince, Princess, Queen, quest, Quint, Rainbow, Ring, Rose, sea, Silver, Simple Simon, sang, sisters, Snowflower, Song, Spring, strange, storyteller, sun, Sweetbriar, trees, vagabonds, village, Vox, wedding, white, wicked, wise, Windflower, wizard, woods, world

Maurice Baring

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  • August 10, 2019
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