THE SCOTTISH FAIRY BOOK - 30 Scottish Fairy Stories for Children.  Elizabeth W. Grierson

THE SCOTTISH FAIRY BOOK - 30 Scottish Fairy Stories for Children

By Elizabeth W. Grierson

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The 30 stories, poems and tales in this volume have been handed down for centuries by word of mouth from generation to generation by professional story-tellers, who travelled the highlands and islands, more often by foot, from village to village, or clachan to clachan, earning a night 's shelter by giving a night 's entertainment These 30 tales are accompanied by 38 pen and ink drawings plus 11 illustrated end-pieces. The 30 tales and stories in this volume are: Thomas The Rhymer Gold-Tree And Silver-Tree Whippety-Stourie The Red-Etin The Seal Catcher And The Merman The Page-Boy And The Silver Goblet The Black Bull Of Norroway The Wee Bannock The Elfin Knight What To Say To The New Mune Habetrot The Spinstress Nippit Fit And Clippit Fit The Fairies Of Merlin 's Crag The Wedding Of Robin Redbreast And Jenny Wren The Dwarfie Stone Canonbie Dick And Thomas Of Ercildoune The Laird O ' Co ' Poussie Baudrons The Milk-White Doo The Draiglin ' Hogney The Brownie O ' Ferne-Den The Witch Of Fife Assipattle And The Mester Stoorworm The Fox And The Wolf Katherine Crackernuts Times To Sneeze The Well O ' The World 's End Farquhar Macneill Peerifool Birthdays ============== HASHTAGS/KEYWORDS: Scottish Fairy book, folklore, fairy tales, myths, legends, fables, children ’s stories, tales, ursgeuln, animals, Assipattle, astonishment, bairn, bannock, Baudrons, beautiful, Black, boat, bonnie, bottom, brave, Brownie, butler, Canonbie, Castle, chimney, Clair, Countess, creature, Dame, Dick, Doo, Draiglin, Earl, Elfin, Ercildoune, Fairy, farmer, Farquhar, Folk, Fox, Gemdelovely, Giant, goblet, Gold-Tree, Gregory, Habetrot, Harold, hawk, Hogney, horses, journey, Katherine, king, Kingdom, Knight, Lady, Laird, lassie, magic, magnificent, maiden, Maisie, Mester, Monster, Morna, mysterious, Norroway, Paddock, Paul, Peerie, Prince, Princess, Queen, Red-Etin, Robin, Scotland, servants, Snorro, Sorcerer, stable, step-mother, Stoorworm, sword, strawberries, , Thomas, wicked, widow, Wolf, wonder, woods, words, yellow

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