His Master's Essence.  Ripley Musk

His Master's Essence

By Ripley Musk

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DESCRIPTION: When eighteen-year-old Jason Miller comes home from college one day, he 's shocked to discover that his dad has sold him to a man who only goes by "Master ". As Jason is forced to commit more and more acts of depravity, with each one being filthier than the last, can he escape Master 's clutches for good, or will Master 's manly aroma and intoxicating taste be too good to resist? EXCERPT: "All right, bitch, open up. " And without any warning, his captor 's free hand grabbed his chin and forced his mouth open, leaving Jason 's tongue to loll out obscenely. He had no time to protest as he felt the soft, yet thick head of the man 's length penetrate his open, slack mouth. Master grunted at the lack of motion. "C 'mon now, y 'can do a lil better than that. " Jason tried to take as deep a breath as he could, not even wanting to think about what would happen if he bit down. He carefully tucked his teeth behind his lips and gave the bulbous head a tentative lick, gagging as the musky cocktail of piss, sweat and precum from beneath the man 's foreskin reached his tongue. Nevertheless, he soldiered on, wrapping his lips around the head and creating some pressure by sucking slightly. Master hummed, his grip on Jason 's hair tightening further as he began to thrust into his mouth slightly. Jason gagged again as the rapidly growing dick in his mouth hit the back of his throat multiple times in quick succession. He fought to keep the contents of his stomach down as Master suddenly pulled out with a wet pop, lifting up Jason 's chin with his hand. He was forced to look up at Master, whose mouth was twisted into a cruel sneer. "Yer mouth 's a lil dry, let 's fix that. Open wide. " Jason could only watch, eyes wide, as Master cleared his throat and hocked a big loogie. He let the slimy globule fall into Jason 's waiting mouth, which was briefly connected to his Master 's mouth by a single strand of spit. The quickly cooling slime slid around in his mouth before he quickly swallowed, coughing at the taste. Master tutted. "Yer not soundin ' too grateful there, bitch. " "... Thank you, Master, " spluttered Jason after a brief pause. Master grinned widely as he let go of his chin. "Aw, yer welcome. Now, how 'bout ya thank me for real? "

Ripley Musk

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  • 9788834170786
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  • Published:
  • August 15, 2019
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