The Last Man.  Mary Shelley

The Last Man


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Known widely as the author of "Frankenstein ", Mary Shelley horrified us with her notorious monster brought to life with more humanity than we care to admit. Her later, lesser-known novel "The Last Man " (1826) explores similar thematic concerns, though from a vastly different perspective. The nightmarish story envisions the end of humanity from a ruthless and inescapable plague. Full of heart-wrenching loss, "The Last Man tests " the resilience of humanity, as well as its capacity for sorrow and grief. Of Shelley ’s literary works, "The Last Man " can be seen as the not only the most autobiographical, but also as a literary tribute and memorial to her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley , and Lord Byron amongst other members of her coterie. "The Last Man " is largely shaped by the events of Mary Shelley ’s life, and, to a lesser extent, by some of the historical events of Europe during the 1810 ’s and early 1820 ’s. Plot: The story is discovered, in 1818, in fragments buried in an ancient cave, rumoured to be the cave of the Sybils. The writings contain the recollections of a "past " history occurring well into the future. The writings have been left for future generations as a record of the devastating plague of the late twenty-first century. The narrator is Lionel Verney, age thirty-seven, who is, to his knowledge, the last surviving human on Earth. He has left this record in the year 2100, before setting out to sea...

Mary Shelley

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